Enhanced Access Services at GP Practices: What Does It Mean?

21 September 20224

The way GP services are provided on evenings, weekends and bank holidays is changing

From 1 October 2022, appointments will be made available outside of normal practice hours, usually 8am to 6:30pm on weekdays, via two ‘enhanced access’ services.

The change means that some patients will access appointments differently, such as how they book them and where they might go to be seen.

Revised Teldoc PCN Enhanced Access Times

6.30pm – 8pm Weekdays and Saturdays 9am – 5pm.

Please note: We do not open Sundays or Bank Holidays.

All appointments are pre-bookable and released two weeks in advance.

So, what will change and what will stay the same:

Things that won’t change are:

  • The overall number of hours that need to be provided for patients.
  • The hub locations, for face-to-face appointments, still need to be convenient to patients.
  • The type of appointment – a mixture of face-to-face and remote (telephone, video, online) appointment – will be available together with the ability to pre-book appointments and book on the same day.
  • Appointments will continue to be available with GPs and Practice Nurses in addition to other healthcare roles.

Things that will be different are:

  • The hours of operation – the change does not include any requirement for services to be provided on a Saturday evening between 5pm–8pm or on Sundays and bank holidays. The provision will be Monday-Saturday only.
  • More focus on appointments that can be booked in advance. This means pre-bookable appointments are available for patients and can include ‘planned care’ appointments, (i.e., regular monitoring of a patient’s long-term condition, immunisations, or screenings).
  • PCNs now need to ensure that all practices and the PCN have the ability to book and cancel appointments, make referrals and request tests, and view and update patients’ records.



    19 June 2023 at 10:00

    Good morning. Can somone please answer my question is a Enhanced Access Clinician the same as a Dr.

    • Teldoc

      19 June 2023 at 10:10

      Hi Hazel, You can see a GP, nurse, or HCA using our Enhanced Access Service.

  • Kerry Ann Walters

    26 November 2023 at 14:45

    how can I book non urgent appointments online? I work 9 -5 so cannot spend a lot of time waiting on phone to make an appointment? I have the patient access app but it only says I can book blood pressure or Smear appointment?

    • Teldoc

      27 November 2023 at 10:19

      Hi Kerry Ann

      There isn’t routine appointments on Patient access but you can fill out an Online consult request from the Online Consult service and note that you would be unavailable between 9-5.

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