Discover Me Study

19 April 20233

Teldoc are supporting the DISCOVER ME study.

DISCOVER ME is a nationwide research study that aims to analyse health and genetic information of thousands of people, the aim is to increase our understanding of many different diseases to help improve patient care.

You may shortly receive a text message from Teldoc, inviting you to participate in this important and exciting study. Please remember, as with all research studies, it is entirely voluntary and up to you if you wish to participate. Whether you participate or not, it will not impact the care or treatment you receive from Teldoc.

If you’d like further information on the study, please visit the study team website. It includes useful information about the study, participant involvement and data security.

All NHS research are approved by an independent group called the Research Ethics Committee. This study was approved by the Northeast – Tyne & Wear South Research Ethics Committee (study reference: 19/NE/0020)


  • Amber Cross

    19 August 2023 at 20:55

    I sent my sample off a long time ago I’d say over a month ago, how long does it take to receive the data?


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