We Are Once Again Accepting Paper Prescription Requests

25 August 2021

We understand the capacity issues relating to Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) has led to a significant inconvenience to patients.

POD is a service commissioned by the Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin CCG for repeat medication requests. The service is not part of Teldoc and we have no control over its capacity.

Since the Pandemic and similar to other practices we have stopped accepting paper requests as COVID 19 is transmissible through contaminated objects. However, given the issues experienced by our patients with POD, as of yesterday, we have started to accept paper-based requests to all of our Teldoc sites. This will mean additional work and additional decontamination processes but Teldoc is keen to go the extra mile to accommodate the needs of our patients.

We have invited our local MP Lucy Allen to Teldoc next week to discuss the concerns we have in relation to the demand on the local health system.

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