“Find Your Little Big Thing ” World Mental Health Day 2023

10 October 2023

Every Mind Matters is launching a new campaign that encourages and helps us to ‘find your little big thing’ hero-ing the little things we can do, which can make a big difference to our mental health

Making time for your mental wellbeing is important – and embedding these little things as part of your routine can help you feel better and more in control

  • These little things can include:
    • Getting physically active – like taking a walk
    • Managing your thoughts and feelings with the help of CBT
    • Talking to someone you trust
    • Getting the most from your sleep – like avoiding screen-time an hour before bed or getting out of bed and doing something simple until you feel tired again
    • Getting closer to nature
    • Planning something nice to look forward to

Little things like (a daily walk / a regular chat) can make a big difference to your mental health

Every Mind Matters website has lots of NHS-approved tips and advice to help you ‘find your little big thing’

Get a free, personalised Mind Plan – a mental health action plan that provides practical tips to help you deal with anxiety and stress, boost your mood, sleep better, and feel more in control.


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