Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2020

15 June 2020

The Eve Appeal is also delighted to announce its new live series, Probably Nothing. Every Tuesday at 6pm @eveappeal on Facebook and Twitter, Eve’s Cancer Information Officer, Karen Hobbs, will be joined by an expert guest to answer the gynae health questions sent in by our followers.

Most of the calls to our nurse-led information line, Ask Eve, start the same way: ‘It’s probably nothing, but’. Our nurse service, Ask Eve, is here to answer those questions, set minds at rest, provide expert information, signpost to trusted sources and tell you when you should get yourself to a doctor.

You can find out more at eveappeal.org.uk/probablynothing.

We know that there are many reasons which prevent women and trans and non-binary people with a cervix from going for their screening, and that as programmes start to resume in the UK people may have extra worries about their risks and how screening may have changed through the pandemic.

This Cervical Screening Awareness Week will be discussing the barriers which affect certain communities when it comes to going for their screening, so watch out on our social media channels @eveapppeal for some important discussions around why black women are so unlikely to go for their screening, how we need to do more to enable people with physical disabilities to get screened, how we can help trans men and non-binary people with a cervix to feel supported and empowered, and how we can help women who have suffered trauma from sexual abuse or FGM get screened.

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