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Teldoc Medical Practice is now required to allocate a named accountable GP to all its patients, including children.

The patient’s allocated named accountable GP is responsible for the coordination of all appropriate services required and ensures they are delivered where required (based on the clinical judgement of the named accountable GP). This is largely a role of oversight, with the requirements being introduced to reassure patients they have one GP within the practice who is responsible for ensuring this work is carried out on their behalf.

The named accountable GP may not be your regular GP and you may continue to see who you prefer to see at the practice, depending on their availability.

However, overall responsibility for patient care has not changed and Teldoc Medical Practice is still ΄practice based΄.  A patient can still request or may be allocated, an appointment with another doctor or nurse at the Medical Centre.  The Centre maintains electronic medical records allowing all clinicians access to up to date information about each patient.

Next time you have an appointment at the surgery, please ask the doctor/nurse to advise your Named Accountable GP. New patients registering with Teldoc Medical Practice will be informed of their Named Accountable GP as part of the registration process.

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